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god hes so cute.

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  • So at my retail job i work the cash register because it got busy. So this old lady comes up and starts putting her things on the counter for me to ring up. and this is how the transaction went down.
  • I fixed my hair. It was in my face so i moved it back before i started talking to the old lady.
  • Old lady: When are you going to cut your hair?
  • Me: I like my hair long.
  • Old lady: What does your girlfriend think about it?
  • me: I don't have a girlfriend.
  • Old lady: Well that is why.
  • I was speechless at this point. So i didn't say anything. Then she chimes in again.
  • Old lady: Do you have a boyfriend then?
  • I have never had evil thoughts about hurting older women but this lady really got on my nerves. Not that she thought i was gay. I'm fine with that. Just how she said it.. Ugh what a bitch.

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